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Lisa Ward is a motivational speaker, published author and founder of SECDUM Magazine and Deadline Production and mother of two adult children, grandmother of three beautiful grandbabies and Godmother of two.  Her recently published book entitled Empowered by Disadvantages chronicles her many adversities and how these have empowered and propelled  her to the many successes in her life such establishing Deadline Production and interviewing various famous artists.  Lisa is also passionately dedicated to transforming today’s youth into successful entertainers. 

Ms. Ward  gets her love for the entertainment industry and business hustle honestly from psalmist mother and business savvy father. She is the second oldest sibling of nine creative and gifted siblings. She has accomplished a great deal in 35 years in the entertainment industry  from launching several production companies, being an artist herself to interviewing some of hottest folks in the industry. 

Lisa with her  business, the phenomenally talented, Dr. Tameka Doc Wright worked over 15 years on Dr. Wright’s music projects, collaborations with other artists  and other business ventures. In 2009, God changed her life and direction transitioning her gifts toward impacting the youth of today. Lisa has always loved working with children and young adults. She has a strong desire to develop their career in business, while opening the doors to the business aspect of entertainment. 

As the founder of SECDUM MAGAZINE & DeadLine Production, Ms. Ward’s vision was to  bring a generation of young people together with a background in Fashion, Inspiration, Gospel, Art and Music  to create a diverse magazine. Lisa wants a personal relationship with her readers. She wanted a magazine that would offer variety. one stop location. With the help of great people like the late Dr. Tameka “Doc” Wright and Raymond Woods Jr. and a team of young Dream Warriors, the magazine was brought to life. 

After laboring to bring Empowered by Disadvantages to literally life finally, the wait is over! Lisa Ward’s book will take people on her personal journey, that will enlighten your life and mind.  Lisa’s spirituality, talent and belief in the inner gifts of individuals has helped her to build teams and accomplish far-reaching goals. Lisa Ward and team have proven style that is everlasting, creativity which sparks determination and unique personalities.